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Whether you’re a soon-to-be-parent eager to prepare yourself or you’ve “been around the block” and are looking for a like-minded community, you will find practical tools and resources that will inspire and encourage you.

You don’t need to be a Montessorian and you don’t need to be an expat.

If you’re looking for resources to parent differently than you were parented… If you're interested in learning how to get your child to cooperate without yelling… If you want to raise the next generation of conscious adults that will care for the world and its citizens…

This community is for you!

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Hi there, I'm Kayla.

I am passionate about fostering in my children a curiosity, respect, and love for the world through respectful parenting and world schooling.

My background in education and trauma healing, along with my years living abroad, give me unique perspective to share with you practical parenting tools and give you the support you need to raise kind, capable kids with confidence and joy!

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